While we’re on a colour fixation (see the preceding post which also has links to previous colour posts), here’s a link to a Ted Talk presented by Beau Lotto that is hosted by Huffington Post and which illustrates how what our eyes see is not necessarily what our brain interprets. This phenomena is important to our survival in the world and involves patterns as well as colours. It might enable us to notice a predator hiding in the jungle; it could enable us to see disturbance in foliage that would indicate the passing of prey that we are hunting; it could allow a gardener, with a little practice, to notice a weed growing in a heavily planted environment, which may not be important to our survival but is, none the less, important to a gardener.

The presentation is a fascinating 16:31 minute video that, along with Beau Lotto’s presentation devices, helps to illustrate what would be difficult to explain with words alone. Highly recommended in order to better understand the phenomena of colour.

Huffington Post is a news aggregator for a variety of countries that produces a lot of its own material – sort of an online news-magazine. Top left of the screen to change countries.

TedTalks (Ideas Worth Spreading) is a site devoted to producing and distributing high quality lectures, presented by well qualified and/or famous academics and professionals on a wide variety of subjects; all presentations are free. Ted is in the process of translating their lectures to further their audience beyond the English speaking world. A list of Ted Talks by tags can be seen here.