Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BickMFHAZR0

Of interest to gardeners (at least to geeky ones):

How does a tree raise water from its roots to as much as 100 metres at its topmost branches? The above YouTube link, from the popular YouTube science channel Veritasium (produced by Derek Muller) explains how. There are many more videos explaining various scientific puzzles – a YouTube list, with extended video annotations is here.

You can watch an interview with Derek here. He has studied Engineering Physics and has a PhD in “making films to teach physics” (University of Sydney). These “hip” presentations would be of interest to students and his thoughts on teaching can be read here.

Update: Derek has a B.Sc in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University (Canada), and a PhD in Physics Education Research from the University of Sydney (Australia). I found (on this site) that he is a home town boy – grew up in Vancouver, BC (which would explain the accent).