Further to our post about the likelihood of our local municipal governments banning pesticides/herbicides, I came across an e-mail that originated from Melissa at SOUL Ridge Meadows (http://www.organiclandcare.org/ridge-meadows/ridge-meadows.html) that included a discussion paper published by the provincial government (Provincial Integrated Pest Management – http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/epd/ipmp/) that sets out basic criteria for this discussion.

I believe that discussion on the subject has now closed but have included a PDF file of the discussion paper to shed some light on the subject and the current state of legislation in British Columbia. Also included is a summary of comments received by the government related to this subject. Port Coquitlam council is currently considering such a ban, as is Coquitlam; Port Moody has already instituted one.

The discussion paper can be downloaded here:

Pesticides consultation paper Provincial

The summary of comments received by the government can be downloaded here:


Jim Thorleifson